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First appearance: "The Scorpia"
Created by: Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy

Scorpia is a centuries-old criminal organization, and arch-enemies of the Phantom.


According to newspaper stories

From history books:

  • the Scorpia, 16th century pirate band. Partly myth – said to be destroyed by legendary Phantom.
  • the Scorpia, 17th century pirate band, partly myth, said to be destroyed 1612 by legendary Phantom.
  • tradition states legendary Phantom killed Scorpia pirate leader, 1612 – then blew up powder magazine, destroying stronghold. Of course, the Phantom did not really live.
  • Scorpia, partially destroyed, 1612.
  • Scorpia reappears 1713 – East Africa.
  • 1818, Scorpia, near Suez.
  • Scorpia, China coast, 1898.

From the Phantom Chronicles:

  • February 3, 1612 – Destroyed Scorpia Stronghold
  • March 8, 1715 – Fought Scorpia leader
  • September 10, 1803 – Finally found Scorpia hideout

From the archives of Scorpia:

  • 1612 – Phantom attacks Scorpia base
  • 1718 – Phantom slays Scorpia king
  • 1765 – Phantom sinks flagship
  • undated – sank two Scorpia ships
  • undated – Phantom exploded two powder magazines
  • undated – Phantom blew up ship

Said by Miki:

  • "When I was a boy, my grandfather told me of when he was a boy. He was a cabin boy – when Scorpia was Scorpia. One night – he came – the Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks! He blew up the ship's powder magazines – 'twas said he hated pirates."

According to Team Fantomen

In "The Mona Lisa Caper", the act on Scorpia is shown:

US Security Service Q V 82, Paris

REF: 3597/AAC/12#Z, Secret

Subject: Scorpia (piracy)

Oral tradition claims that Scorpia as a pirate organization was formed during the 16th century, being active in the West Indies and Africa.

Documented history:

Jamaica 1612: Scorpia organization defeated and their leader, Brunel de Gottshalk, killed by mysterious adventurer, known as the Phantom.

East-Africa 1780: Scorpia slavers arrested by the British Fleet.

Suez 1818: Pirate ship operates in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea under the flag of the Black Scorpion.

Shanghai 1898: Opium traffic organized by Scorpia cell in cooperation with other Scorpia cells in Europe and America.


Daily and Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Scorpia" Falk McCoy

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Island of Death" Falk Eralp remake
"The Mona Lisa Caper" Worker Vallvé
"Return of the Scorpia" Worker Leppänen

Avon novels

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Scorpia Menace" Copper N/A remake