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First appearance: "The Pirate Queen"
Created by: David Bishop & César Spadari

For Prince Simitar, see "The Strange Fisherman".

Scimitar was captain of a Singh Brotherhood ship. In 1856, his ship attacked a ship travelling from England to Bengali. He killed Reginald Sommerset and stole his crucifix. The 16th Phantom, whom Scimitar had fought before, appeared and Scimitar fled but kidnapped Reginald's eight-year old daughter Kate. Scimitar kept Kate as a slave on his ship until four years later, when the 16th Phantom attacked the ship. Kate saw her chance and stabbed scimitar with the krucifix he had stolen from her father. In 1869, Scimitar once again met the 16th Phantom and Kate, who by then was known as the Pirate Queen. This time, Kate made sure that she killed Scimitar. The Pirate Queen

He was the father of Amrar Singh. Sins of the Past Pt 1


Team Fantomen stories

This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari 1856-69
"Of the Same Blood" Bishop Spadari flashback
"Sins of the Past, Part 1" Bishop Spadari flashback