Politikin Zabavnik 3133

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Politikin Zabavnik #3133
PZ 3133.jpg
Cover artist: Mark Romanoski
Country/language: Mini serbia.gif Serbia / Serbian
Format: 22 × 30 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, full color
Publishing date: February 24, 2012
Editor: Zefirino Grasi
Publishing company: Politika
Preceded by: Politikin Zabavnik #2745
Followed by: Politikin Zabavnik #3194

Politikin Zabavnik #3133 does not include any Phantom comics but is of interest because of the Phantom art on the cover and article about the Phantom's ring.



  • "Тајна Фантомовог прстена" (romanized as "Tajna Fantomovog prstena") by Mirjana Ognjanović

Other comics

  • "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"
  • "Hägar the Horrible" by Dik Browne
  • "Garfield" by Jim Davis