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Pep (a word meaning "Energy" or "High Spirits") was a popular Dutch anthology style weekly comic-book, published by "The Illustrated Press NV" in Amsterdam, that featured mainly various classical European comics (such as "Tintin ", "Lucky Luke", "Asterix", "Blake & Mortimer", "Colonel Clifton", "Michel Vaillant", "Oumpah-pah"…), but also American comics (such as "Blondie","Flash Gordon","Prince Valiant","Popeye").

The front cover presented a typical and dynamic “Pep” title logo, drawn by Penas (pseudonym of Louis Santel). The first issue was released on October 6, 1962. A new numbering system was used each year.

The Phantom appeared in 12 issues of Pep in 1966 and 1967 with only one story, titled "Fantoom en de hete aarde" ("The Veiled Lady").

Issue overview