Patrolman Sandy

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Patrolman Sandy
First appearance: "Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Patrolman Sandy is a member of the Jungle Patrol.

Fictional Biography

Sandy is one of the prominent members of the Jungle Patrol. He was sent to investigate the Wamba Falls Inn by Colonel Weeks. He was ,however, drugged by the criminals at the Inn and thrown into the river but was saved by the 21st Phantom Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn. He was defeated in judo sparring by Dr. Lydia Love when she was being tested for her fitness to undertake the expedition to the volcano 'Veiled Lady' in Bengali The Veiled Lady (Sunday story). He was also on the observation duty to keep eyes on the Bullet's town when he had to report that he has seen Colonel Week's daughter Caroline in a cage hanging from a roof Bullets' Town.Sandy was shot and wounded by an escaping convict when he was on duty in the Jungle The Killer.


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Newspaper stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn" Falk Barry First appearance
"The Veiled Lady" Falk Barry
"Bullets' Town" Falk Barry
"The Killer" Falk Barry