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Opera Graphica Editora was a Brazilian publisher of comics.


Opera Graphica was founded in 1998 by Franco de Rosa and Carlos Mann. The company primarily published American comics for the Brazilian market, including "Prince Valiant", "Beetle Bailey", "Batman", "100 Bullets" and "Mandrake the Magician".

In 2001, Opera Graphica began to publish "Phantom" comics in Brazil. However, Opera Graphica released Phantom comics in several different series in various formats. Only one series lasted more than two issues, and Phantom releases became more and more sporadically. Opera Graphica's license to publish Phantom comics in Brazil was not exclusive; in 2007 (a year when Opera Graphica didn't publish any Phantom comics), Mythos Editora launched two new Phantom series, but like Opera Graphica's attempts they were not succesful and only a few issues were published.

At one time, Opera Graphica attempted to obtain a license to produce original Phantom stories. However, they never obtained such a license from King Features Syndicate and the closest they came to producing an original Phantom story was the manga-style "Fantagor", produced in cooperation with Editora Minuano.

In 2008, it was announced that Opera Graphica would cease operations. The final book published was the "official biography" of the Phantom comic strip; Fantasma: Biografia Oficial do Primeiro Herói Fantasiado dos Quadrinhos.

Phantom publications published by Opera Graphica

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
O Fantasma Crônicas 2001-2002 5
O Fantasma Gold 2001-2002 2
O Fantasma Pocket 2001 2
O Fantasma Magazine 2002 2
O Fantasma Graphic Novel 2003 2

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
O Fantasma Coleção 2001
O Fantasma: Sempre aos Domingos 2006

Anthology appearances

Title Year
Stripmania #3 2003

Reference books

Title Year
Fantasma: Biografia Oficial do Primeiro Herói Fantasiado dos Quadrinhos 2009