Oona Kagoda

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Oona Kagoda
Oona Kagoda.jpg
First appearance: "Secret of the Swamp"
Created by: Janne Lundström & Jaime Vallvé

Oona Kagoda (née Neilson) is married to Caleb Kagoda and together they runs a transport company with both airplanes and ships. They have many times helped the Phantom.

Fictional Character Biography

Oona was the daughter of the colonial head of the Smith diamond mines. When Bangalla was declaring its independence, civil war broke out as general Bababu, tried to seize power while the elected president Lamanda Luaga hid in the jungle. Oona's father was ordered by the government in London to hand over the diamonds "to the new government", as there was not any real government at the time, Neilson decided that he could take care of them. He bribed Jones, the pilot of the post plane, to take them to Marcusburg in Rhodia. They managed to leave the mines with the plane just as Bababu's troops arrived, however, some miles later, a patrol saw them and one of the soldiers managed to get some hits in the engine and in the pilot Jones. Jones managed, however, to continue to fly and tried to fly to Bengalitown, but failed and instead crashed in the middle of the ufra swamp. Before they crashed, Jones read the exact coordinates to mr Neilson and Oona heard them too. After a week in the swamp, the same group of soldiers that shot them down found them. When the soldiers tried to make Neilson tell them where the diamonds where by threatening to torture Oona, Neilson managed to grab a gun and shot himself in the head in the hope that the soldiers would leave his wife and daughter alone. The plan worked and the soldiers left them, though to a horrible prize; Oona had to see her own father commiting suicide and her mother never came over it and died a few years later. Oona and her mother were found by Luaga's forces some time afterwards and soon left Bangalla.

Ten years after the civil war, Oona returned to find the diamonds that her father had tried to get. She hired the only one who was at sale and was able to get into the ufra swamp, Caleb Kagoda, in order to get hold of the diamond, offering him one fourth of the four millions that the diamonds were worth. Unfortunately, the old soldiers who once shot the Neilsons down and later tried to get them to reveal the location of the diamonds, found out of what was going on and followed them. Fortunately though, the Phantom was in the ufra swamp and realized the situation; he delayed the soldiers and showed up to Oona Neilson and Caleb Kagoda just as they had found the diamonds, informing them that the diamonds belonged to the state of Bangalla but that they probably would get 25% of the worth in reward. Losing her head, Oona knocked the Phantom uncounscious just before the soldiers attack them. The soldiers makes a failed attempted to kill the Phantom whose consequence is that he manages to escape. Soon, he rescues Oona when the soldiers tries to kill her and then he takes the rest of the gang out during the night.

Oona and Caleb Kagoda fell in love during the action and came to marry. They used their reward to extend their business to air traffic.

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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Secret of the Swamp" Lundström Vallvé
"Death in the Sky" Granberg Vallvé
"The Gold Mystery" Lundström Bade
"Death in the Depth" Tierres Vallvé
"Out of the Shadows" DePaul Felmang, Usam
"Fatal Salvation" Reimerthi Bade
"The Scapegoat" Reimerthi Velluto