Nick Lazlo

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Nick Lazlo
Nick Lazlo.jpg
First appearance: "The Drug Farm"
Created by: Donne Avenell &
Carlos Cruz

Nick Lazlo, is the stepson of Walter Lazlo, a drug dealer based in Morristown.

Fictional Character Biography

Nick's mother, Laura, is married to Morristown's big Financier Walter Lazlo. Nick first encounters the Phantom when his friend Tony gets into trouble with the local drug dealers in Morristown. He is the leader of the local teenage gang called "The Apaches". Though Nick initially wrongly believes that the Phantom is one of the criminals, he eventually ends up helping him busting the criminal gang. When Nick gets arrested wrongly, the Phantom with the help of President Luaga gets him and his friends released. The Drug Farm

Nick's mother leaves her abusive husband Walter when he hits Nick and Nick moves to USA for studies. The Phantom is also in USA following the drug dealers from Bengali. Their paths cross again and once again, after initial misunderstandings, Nick helps the Phantom in apprehending the criminal. As it turns out it was his stepfather Walter Lazlo who was the kingpin behind this operation of drug smuggling. Nick and the Phantom part on friendly terms. The Death Dealers


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Drug Farm" Avenell Cruz First appearance
"The Death Dealers" Avenell Cruz