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Produced for: The Phantom #11 (2006)
# of pgs: 27
Writer: Ben Raab
Artist: Rich Burchett
Original colorist: Andy B.
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Nanamaru" is a 2006 Moonstone Books Phantom story by Ben Raab and Rich Burchett.

Plot summary

Kit and Heloise visit the Tougonda tribe, when a dead body is discovered, presumably murdered. The twins travel out at sea where they find a Swedish ship. When their canoe is overturned they are captured by the ship's crew.

When The Phantom and Diana hear that their children are missing, the Phantom rides to the Tougonda tribe and travels out at sea to look for them.

On board, the twins learn that the ship's crew are looking for the wreck of Singh ship that attacked the ship of the first Phantom in 1536. The expedition is funded by the mysterious Nanamaru corporation. The crew salvages a chest, while the Phantom rescues the twins. The captain has been murdered by a representative of Nanamaru, who barely escapes the Phantom and sets off a bomb that destroys the ship. The Phantom, the twins and the ship's crew get off the ship in the last second.

Finally, it is revealed that the Nanamaru corporation was just a front for The Singh Brotherhood, who were looking for a scroll that was located in the chest that was salvaged from the sunken ship. The scroll reveals an image of a girl, that has been prophesized to bring great power to the Brotherhood.


  • "Nanamaru" is according to Ben Raab japanese for "Seven circles."
  • Two crewmembers on the Swedish ship are named Ulf and Hans, presumably after Ulf Granberg and Hans Lindahl.
  • The captain of the Swedish ship is named Jorgensen, which is not a typical Swedish name.
  • According to this story, the leader of the Singh Brotherhood in 1536 was named Kabai Singh, just like the leader of the Singh Brotherhood in the first story featuring the 21st Phantom.
  • The first Phantom is referred to as Christopher Walker. In Moonstone's "Legacy", he is named Christopher Standish.


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