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O Fantasma Especial #1 published by Mythos.

Mythos Editora is a Brazilian publisher of comics.


Mythos made a brief attempt at publishing Phantom comics in 2007. At that time, Opera Graphica had published Phantom comics irregularly in Brazil since 2001, but did not have any active series at the time. Mythos launched O Fantasma, a monthly series and which lasted four issues, and O Fantasma Especial which only lasted one issue.

Phantom publications published by Mythos

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
O Fantasma 2007
O Último Fantasma 2014–16 2
Crônicas do Fantasma 2019-present 2*

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
O Fantasma Especial 2007
Kings Watch: Defensores da Terra 2016
Em Busca da Cidade Perdida 2019