Mustanaamio 2/2000

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Mustanaamio 2/2000
(#728 since the start 1966)
Cover artist: Rolf Gohs
Country/language: Mini finland.gif Finland / Finnish
Format: 17 × 26 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, full color
Publishing date: 2000
Editor: ??
Publishing company: Egmont Kustannus
Preceded by: Mustanaamio 1/2000
Followed by: Mustanaamio 3/2000
ISSN 0356-6005

Mustanaamio 2/2000 was a regular issue of Finnish comic book Mustanaamio, published in 2000. It does not have identical contents as its Swedish and Norwegians counterparts. Starting with the following issue, Mustanaamio was back on track with the same release schedule as Fantomen and Fantomet and almost identical contents.


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  • The story "Old Baldy" is called "Jättigorilla" on the cover.

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