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First appearance: "The Return of the Sky Band"
Created by: Lee Falk & Ray Moore

Margo was a member of the Sky Band.

Fictional biography

According to Newspaper stories

During Sala's time as leader of the Sky Band, Margo was second-in-command. The Phantom recognizes the Sky Band's methods, and eventually has both Sala and Margo arrested, but during their transportation aboard a military ship, they are able to escape. The Phantom follows them though, but soon all three of them find themselves prisoners on a foreign ship under the command of Captain Grunz. Sala, still in love with The Phantom, wants to rescue the Phantom while Margo tells her to forget about him. Sala ties up Margo, and frees the Phantom, just in time for a showdown between the foreign vessel and an American military ship. Thanks to Sala and The Phantom, Captain Grunz is defeated. Margo is sent to prison, while the Phantom decides to let Sala go free. The Return of the Sky Band


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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Return of the Sky Band" Falk Moore

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Comment
"Revenge of the Sky Band" Constant Paulos