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The Phantom
Welcome to the PhantomWiki, the online encyclopedia dedicated to "The Phantom", one of the world's most popular comic strips. The articles are created by Phantom enthusiasts from all over the world. At the moment there are 22,131 articles available.

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Pole vault in the Jungle Olympics.

The Jungle Olympics is a sporting event held every four years where the tribes of Bangalla compete against each other. It is inspired by the Ancient Olympic Games, but with sporting events adapted for jungle conditions.

The most successful tribe of the Jungle Olympics is awarded a ten gallon gold trophy, known as The Phantom Trophy. All participating tribes pay an entrance fee of a coconut filled with precios jewels that are poured into the trophy. The winning tribe is then responsible for guarding the trophy until the next Olympics, but can keep the jewels.

The current project is to add information and images to The Jungle Olympics.

Add sporting events to the list, with images if possible. Read the old Jungle Olympics stories to see what else of interest can be added to the article. The related stories featuring the Jungle Olympics can also be updated, for example with reprint information (simply click "What links here" in the left menu column to see which issues already link to the story).

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