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First appearance: "The Tyrant of Tarakimo"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

MacGregor, also known as "Mac," is a journalist and minor supporting character in The Tyrant of Tarakimo.

Fictional character biography

He was stationed in Tarakimo for some time, sending out secret reports about General Tara's diabolic torture cartel.After several unsuccessful attempts to warn Diana Palmer and Sven of the general's foul scheme to cover up his crimes in the country, he manages to meet them outside of the pair's hotel room window. "If you want to leave here," he says "act like the three monkeys: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." Though the UN agents don't heed his wise advice, they file it away as yet another sign that they are dealing with the embodiment of pure wickedness, in the form of Tara.

Mac is able to send out one more story --- this one detailing the arrests of Diana and Sven. Immediately suspicious of the fast publication of the new article, Major Isamu orders his thugs to apprehend the newsman at a bar. They waste no time locking him in a cell, opposite the UN officials, at Tarakimo prison. While the two express their gratitude, Mac's mood is grim ("This tyrant cares nothing about world opinion...we may never get out of here...alive," he says). He has seen too many others meet their maker in Tara's hideous torture room.

After Diana and Sven are sent to the medieval dungeon at gunpoint by Isamu, for "persuasion" (the general wants a false confession that they are spies), he nervously awaits his turn on the torture rack, under the dictator's "close, personal" supervision.

The reporter is finally summoned to the general's opulent office, only to receive a pleasant surprise: the haughty tyrant on his hands and knees before Diana and the Phantom!


Lee Falk stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Tyrant of Tarakimo" Falk Barry