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This is a list of the stories produced by Lightning Strike Comics. All of these stories have been created by Irish creators.


In 2016 Lightning Strike Comics released a special Phantom issue for the Dublin Comic Con festival with six new short stories.

In 2017, they created the full-length story "Scarlet Sapphire" for a one-shot issue.

In 2018, they started new series The Phantom Strikes, announced to be published monthly.


# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "The Magician's Hoard" Hill Tormey
2 "On The Phantom's Trail" Keogh McMonagle
3 "The Collector" Higgins Iqbal
4 "The Wolf Who Walks" O'Reilly McDonagh
5 "Pirates of the Ether" O'Reilly Young
6 "Trouble at Sea" O'Reilly O'Rowe
7 "The Story of the Phantom" Falk Hughes remake of the first Phantom Sunday page
8 "Scarlet Sapphire" Mooney Carey
9 "From the Shadow of a Ghost, Part 1" Williams Saviuk
10 "Masks of the Phantom" Wærness Collins

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