Liang Zhao

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Liang Zhao
Biographical information
Born: ?
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist
Website: Official website

Liang Zhao is a Chinese American illustrator who worked as an uncredited background inking assistant on the stories "A Reckoning with the Nomad" and "The Rhodian Column", written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Mike Manley.

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Phantom work by Liang Zhao


Daily & Sunday stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End Comments
1 "A Reckoning with the Nomad" DePaul Manley 18 Feb 2018 10 Nov 2018 Liang Zhao was an uncredited background inking assistant on this story
2 "The Rhodian Column" DePaul Manley 30 Sep 2019 22 Feb 2020 Liang Zhao and Simon were uncredited background inking assistants on this story