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King Comic(s) was a British comic magazine published in 1954.


The first comic book from England that included The Phantom was King Comic (changed to King Comics from issue #9), published by L.Miller & Son Ltd. London in 1954. The comics reprinted a wide range of syndicated Sunday strips from King Features Syndicate. The series was only short-lived with a total of 14 editions published every Wednesday from May 5 to August 4, 1954 (from issue #8 the date on the cover was for the Saturday of the "week ending"). Cover price was 6d and they had 26 pages each plus the wrap-around glossy cover. The Phantom pages printed were from the story "The Chain", commencing on the fourth week of the story (March 1, 1953). The story ended in issue #13 and the final issue of the series had the first week of "Madcap Miriam" (May 31, 1953).

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