Jungle Love

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Jungle Love
Jungle Love.jpg
Produced for: Frew Trade Paperback
#2 (2018)
# of pgs: 29
Writer: Pidde Andersson
Artist: Shane Foley
Original colorist: Sarge
Producer: Frew

"Jungle Love" is a 2018 Frew story, written by Pidde Andersson, with art by Shane Foley.

Plot Summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • unnamed governor's wife (unsure that's same wife as Myrna, she looks a little bit different)
  • unnamed projectionist
  • Dan
  • inspector Jim
  • unnmaed inspector's secreatary
  • Biff Blunt
  • Ruger



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Referes to


Title Comments
"The Thuggees" part 2 ad on the wall about Tydia
"Queen Pera the Perfect" cameo, portrait of Queen Pera, named as "Queen of Bengali"
"Queen Asta of Trondelay" ad "Morristown Drum" on the street
"The Maharajah's Daughter" cameo, maharajah's capitol in Nimpore
"The Professor" cameo, ad of Prof. Dudley
"The Reporter" cameo, JP sarge walkes on the street
"U-Town" ad on the wall
"The Swamp Rats" note on a packet
"The Crown Jewels of Corba" on wanted list on the wall
"Pirate Day" ad on the wall of a buliding
"Fluffy" mentioned as "missing Fluffy" on ad on the wall
"The Toad Men" cameo, on wanted list on the wall
"Ragon's Game" cameo, on wanted list on the wall
"The Iron Dragon" cameo, tank on ad on the wall
"The 50th Wife" cameo, Prince Bey in newspaper
"The Flirtatious Princess" cameo, ad on the wall with picture of Princess Gwena (unnamed) of Pathia
"The Phantom's Ring" Prince Randolph mentioned on ad "Morristown Drum" on the street
"Queen Sansamor and the Sixth Man" Queen Sansamor mentioned on ad "Morristown Drum" on the street
"The Crescent Cult" crescent tatoo on ad the wall

Behind the scenes

  • Inside cover for the story "Jungle Love" was inspired by movie poster for Casablanca. Names in list of roles on the poster were most likely referenced to real life actor and actress:
  • And as special guest appearances:
  • Movie title "Our Man in Nepal" from the poster shown on wall were most likely referenced to real movie title Our Man in Havana.
  • The name "Ookabolapongas" (instead the usual Ookabolakongas) in the title "In the Land of Ookabolapongas" was taken from the comic strip "Melvin of the Apes".
  • The movie "Jungle Love" was produced by Bengafilms Pty. Ltd. in association with Pidde Andersson and Frew Australia.
  • Name of the restaurant "Knife & Falk Dinner" is hommage to Lee Falk.
  • Even though that story probably placed to early 1950s, in Biff Blunt's house are shown more modern fridge and cooker.
  • Streets in Morristown are named "Wilson Av.", "McCoy St.", and "No Frew Rd.", after Wilson McCoy and Frew.
  • An actress (the most likely to be Katherine Heartburn) is drawn to look like a Audrey Hepburn.


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