Jason Paulos

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Jason Paulos
Biographical information
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini australia.gif Australian
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist, Colorist

Jason Paulos is an artist who creates covers for Frew's The Phantom comic series and draws Phantom by Gaslight.

Phantom work by Jason Paulos


Frew stories

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Rise of the Red Dragon, Part 1" Maccanti Paulos
2 "Revenge of the Sky Band" Constant Paulos
3 "Rise of the Red Dragon, Part 2" Maccanti Paulos
4 "Inked in Blood, Part 1" Andersson Paulos
5 "Inked in Blood, Part 2" Andersson Paulos

Phantom by Gaslight

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Chapter 0: Sense and Invincibility" Sequeira Paulos
2 "Chapter 1: A Study in Violet" Sequeira Paulos
3 "Chapter 2: Test of the Urban Villain" Sequeira Paulos
4 "Chapter 3: The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Walker" Sequeira Paulos
5 "Chapter 4: Weathering Hate" Sequeira Paulos
6 "Chapter 5: A Tale of Three Continents" Sequeira Paulos
7 "Chapter 6: Bleak Hours" Sequeira Paulos
8 "Ep. 7: The Picture of Dominant Purple" Sequeira Paulos
9 "Phantom by Gaslight Ep. 8" Lumsden Paulos
10 "Phantom by Gaslight Ep. 9" Lumsden Paulos
11 "Phantom by Gaslight Ep. 10" Lumsden Paulos