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The Ismani
The Ismani Cannibals.jpg
First appearance: "The Ismani Cannibals"
Created by: Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy

The Ismani is a tribe in the Bangali jungle.

The Ismani were a cannibal tribe before one of the ancestors of the 21st Phantom stopped that practice. After that the Ismanis hold an annual ceremony on the seventh moon of every year when they visit the Phantom and pledge of their loyalty to the Phantom, to obey the Phantom law and the Phantom peace. The Phantom's Engagement

Behind the scenes

  • In the Sunday story The Ismani Cannibals there is no mention of this pledge and the Ismanis are still cannibals , totally unaware of any such loyalty or pledge when they kidnap the Marshall sisters.

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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Ismani Cannibals" Falk McCoy
"The Phantom's Engagement" Falk Moore and McCoy