I Classici dell'Avventura – L'Uomo Mascherato (La Freccia)

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I classici dell'avventura – L'Uomo Mascherato was published monthly by Italian publisher La Freccia (Nerbini) from August to December 1961.


The series had a cartridge on the upper left mentioning the title I Classici dell'Avventura, the format size of 15 x 21 cm for most of the issues, and 100 pages per issue. Only 5 issues received such a title, as its first issue was issue #10 (August 1961) since the numbering continued from a series that was previously published under the title of Avventure americane – Ristampa mensili (American Adventures – Monthly Reprints) which was released from July 1960 for issue #1 to July 1961 for issue #9. After this latter issue, the series became I Classici dell'Avventura for issue #10 (August 1961), #11 (September 1961), #12 (October 1961), #14 (November 1961) and #16 (December 20, 1961). The issues #13 and #15 did not have any Phantom stories. Each issue included three Phantom stories.

Issue overview

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