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Royal Hero
Hero border.png
First appearance: "The Maharajah's Daughter"
Created by: Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy

Hero is the horse of the Phantom.

Hero, whose full name is Royal Hero was a gift to the Phantom from the Maharajah of Nimpore, after the Phantom had rescued him.

Hero is a white stallion and is one of the finest horses in the entire world and so far, no stallion has been found who is finer than Hero.

Notable appearances

Hero has appeared in a majority of the stories featuring the 21st Phantom. Some of the stories where Hero has featured most prominently are:

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Maharajah's Daughter" Falk McCoy
"Jungle King" Falk McCoy
"The Flying Horse" Falk McCoy
"The Story of Hero" Harris Lignante
"Prince Hali and the White Stallion" Falk Barry
"The Flying Horse" Falk Eralp
"Hero's Adventure" Bade Bade
"Hero's Death Sentence" Darell Leppänen
"Hero" Avenell Vallvé

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