Gold Fever, Part 1

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Gold Fever, Part 1
Produced for: Fantomen 22/1984
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Michael Tierres
Artist: Jaime Vallvé
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"Gold Fever, Part 1" is a 1984 Team Fantomen story, written by Michael Tierres, with art by Jaime Vallvé.

Plot summary

In 1848 Kit, the future 16th Phantom, is studying in London when he receives a letter from his parents with the news that his father is dying. Before leaving he asks his friend Leonard to keep safe £280 that belongs to the student's club. Instead Leonard and a friend use the money towards tickets to travel to California where the gold rush has started. Leonard also steals money from the principal's office and leaves Kit's ring there to make sure that Kit is accused of stealing. Several months later Kit, now the 16th Phantom, receives a letter from the school's principal to his father where he is accused of stealing school funds. The Phantom decides to travel to California to find Leonard.


Recurring Characters

One-time characters

  • Leonard Sterne, Kit's friend
  • Jeff
  • Jacob Dymmons
  • Santare, indian guide
  • Jose
  • Red aka Gregor, scammer
  • Bud, scammer
  • Lars Svensson
  • Johan Svensson
  • Joe
  • Chinoq


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