General Tara

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General Tara
First appearance: "The Tyrant of Tarakimo"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

General Tara was the dictator of Tarakimo.

Fictional Character Biography

According to the Newspaper strip

When Diana Palmer travel to Tarakimo in The Tyrant of Tarakimo, along with her UN colleague Sven to expose the dictator's regime of greed and corruption, as well as its inherent human-rights violations. However, Tara ordered his henchman Major Isamu to capture and torture them. They were later saved by The Phantom The Tyrant of Tarakimo

General Tara could not get over this defeat and kidnapped Diana, who was again rescued by The Phantom. Tara was deposed and put on trial and presumably executed. Return to Tarakimo

According to Legenderry

General Tara is the military leader of The Principality.


This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Daily stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Tyrant of Tarakimo" Falk Barry  
"Return to Tarakimo" Falk Barry  
"Jungle City" Falk Barry mentioned

Dynamite stories

Title Writer Artist Comment
"Legenderry Chapter Two: Life in the Big City" Willingham Davila
"Legenderry Chapter Four: Jungle Tales" Willingham Davila
"Legenderry Chapter Seven: A Feast of Souls" Willingham Davila