General Bababu

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General Bababu
First appearance: "The Mysterious
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

General Babo Bababu is a villain and enemy to President Lamanda Luaga. He is usually described as stupid, in the hands of dictators, as the outer face of something, who wants to overthrow or at least cause trouble in Bangalla. Usually, the plot is to murder Luaga and then conquer Bangalla and placing Bababu as a puppet president.


According to the Newspaper strip

He is a Llongo by birth. He went into the army as a boy because he like fighting. When the Indepandece war came and it became clear that those fighting for freedom would win, general Bababu joined the liberation movement. Afterwards, he candidated for the post as president of Bengali (as it was still called then), but lost it to dr. Lamanda Luaga. In an act of unability to accept a defeat, general Bababu started a civil war in a hunt for Luaga. Luaga was brought to the safety in the Skull Cave by the Phantom, who then also kidnapped Bababu to the place and summoned all the chieftains of the Jungle to sentence him. The ruling became that Luaga and Bababu had to fight for their cause in a duel without any weapon. Luaga won the duel, due to boxing skills as he had been boxing during his studies in Oxford.

Bababu also has a daughter named Lila, who married Lon Luaga, the son of his archenemy.

After that defeat, he has repeatedly come back over and over again and tried to take control over Bangalla. Usually by attempting to murder Luaga.

According to Team Fantomen

Bababu has been married to Dr Imelda Bababu. Bababu's Great Hoax

After a failed coup d'etat in Baronkhan he was sentenced to prison, awaiting trial at the International Criminal Court but the Phantom helped him escape to Muassaland. The Scapegoat In Muassaland he was immediately imprisoned but the Phantom helped him escape from there in exchange for information on how to find the Rodian freedom fighter Nelson N'Dela. Rodia - Dawn

According to Marvel

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Daily & Sunday stories

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"The Mysterious Ambassador" Falk Barry
"The Frame-Up" Falk Barry
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"Return of the Terrorists" Falk Barry mentioned
"The Return of General Bababu" Falk Barry
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Team Fantomen stories

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"The President's Double" Granberg, Piero Felmang, Waldrag mentioned only
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"The 22nd Phantom, Part 1: The Empty Throne" Reimerthi Paul Ryan mentioned only

Marvel stories

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"Called to Account" DeVries Lumsden
"Heart of Darkness" DeVries Lumsden
"Divine Legends" DeVries Lumsden