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This is a list of the stories produced by Frew Publications for their line-up of The Phantom comic books. Although being one of the world's most prominent publishers of the Phantom, Frew's production of original stories was for a long time limited to only a handful of stories. This changed after new ownership of Frew in 2016, after which the production increased significantly.


The first three Frew stories were drawn by longtime cover artist Keith Chatto in 1990 to 1992. "The Kings Cross Connection" was Keith Chatto's final Phantom story. He died in October 1992, nine months after its release. At the time, he was working on a follow-up story entitled "The Revenge of Kharmi", but only having completed six pages, it remains unfinished. For Frew's 60th Anniversary in 2008, the first three completed pages were published in the The Phantom #1518.

The fourth complete Frew story, "The Search for Byron", was drawn by another Frew cover artist; Glenn Ford and published in 1996.

In 2016, Frew published two stories that were first intended for Fratelli Spada, but never published. These stories were originally started by Germano Ferri in the 1970s and finished in cooperation with Felmang for their 2016 publication.

In 2017, Frew published two stories that were first intended for Moonstone Books, but never published. These stories were originally made by Lou Manna prior to 2006. After that, they published one story by Angelo Todaro, probably created ca 2005.

In April 2017 Frew started Kid Phantom, a new series of stories produced for a younger audience.

In June 2017 Frew started Phantom by Gaslight, a new serial published in the regular magazine.


Regular stories

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Rumble in the Jungle" Shepherd Chatto
2 "Return of the Singh Brotherhood" Shepherd Chatto
3 "The Kings Cross Connection" Shepherd Chatto
4 "The Search for Byron" Shepherd Ford
5 "The Revenge of Kharmi" Chatto Chatto incomplete
6 "Expedition in the Jungle, Part 1" Ferri Ferri, Felmang originally intended for Fratelli Spada
7 "Expedition in the Jungle, Part 2" Ferri Ferri, Felmang originally intended for Fratelli Spada
8 "Full Circle, Part 1" Manna Manna originally intended for Moonstone Books
9 "Full Circle, Part 2" Manna Manna originally intended for Moonstone Books
10 "The Stubborn Sorcerer" Todaro Todaro
11 "Kidnapped" Roger Roger
12 "Synfuel" Roger Roger
13 "The Honglong Kidnapping, Part 1" Todaro Todaro
14 "The Honglong Kidnapping, Part 2" Todaro Todaro
15 "Shangri-La" Andersson Todaro
16 "Rise of the Red Dragon, Part 1" Maccanti Paulos
17 "The Queen of Saba" Felmang Felmang, Walk
18 "Death from the Sky" Felmang Felmang
19 "Legacy of the Reef" Sequeira Gamberi, Giorgi
20 "The Yacht Thieves" Todaro Todaro
21 "Sherazad" Felmang Felmang
22 "Revenge of the Sky Band" Constant Paulos
23 "Jungle Love" Andersson Foley
24 "The Child Soldiers of Mucar" Maccanti Felmang, Morrik
25 "Rise of the Red Dragon, Part 2" Maccanti Paulos
26 "The Queen of Saba, Part 3: The Fez Man" Felmang Felmang
27 "It Tolls for Thee" Mason Mason
28 "Requiem" Andersson Cavalcanti
29 "Hero Complex" Munro Weigel
30 "The Sword of the Caliph" Henriquez Caracuzzo
31 "Errand of Mercy" Weigel Weigel
32 "A Day at the Races" Kyme Kyme

Kid Phantom

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Mistakes" Henriquez Mason
2 "Departures" Constant Mason
3 "Stormy Seas" Constant Mason
4 "Quick Stop" Constant Mason
5 "New York, New York" Constant McKenna
6 "London Invaded" Constant Mason
7 "The Ghost & the Elephant" Constant Brouwer prose story
8 "Kids in the City" Constant Mason
9 "Go West, Young Man" Constant Mason

Phantom by Gaslight

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Chapter 0: Sense and Invincibility" Sequeira Paulos
2 "Chapter 1: A Study in Violet" Sequeira Paulos
3 "Chapter 2: Test of the Urban Villain" Sequeira Paulos
4 "Chapter 3: The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Walker" Sequeira Paulos
5 "Chapter 4: Weathering Hate" Sequeira Paulos
6 "Chapter 5: A Tale of Three Continents" Sequeira Paulos
7 "Chapter 6: Bleak Hours" Sequeira Paulos
8 "Ep. 7: The Picture of Dominant Purple" Sequeira Paulos
9 "Phantom by Gaslight Ep. 8" Lumsden Paulos
10 "Phantom by Gaslight Ep. 9" Lumsden Paulos
11 "Phantom by Gaslight Ep. 10" Lumsden Paulos


# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Riddles in Armour and Black" Foley Foley Sir Falcon story
2 "The Stolen Chronicle" Foley Foley Sir Falcon story
3 "Phantoms" Foley Foley Phantom Ranger story
4 "The Return of the Demons" Foley Foley Planetman story
5 "Scorpius Chapter 6" Foley Foley Scorpius story

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