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First appearance: "The Floradon Mystery"
Created by: Lee Falk, George Olesen &
Fred Fredericks

Floradona (also known as Floradon and Floridon) is a neighbour country of Bangalla.


Floradona is located south of Bangalla. Centuries ago, the land was invaded by warriors of European descent. Floradona became a military dictatorship, which relied on workers from other countries to do all labor.

People from the jungles of Bangalla came to Floradona after being promised big salaries for short periods of work. However, when they did not return home, the Phantom went to Floradona and found that the workers were subdued by a drug. Floradona's leader, General Flor, was responsible for the scheme that the Phantom exposed, and released UN investigators that were also subdued by the drugs. The Floradon Mystery

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Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Floradon Mystery" Falk Olesen, Fredericks