Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 4

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Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 4
Produced for: The Phantom Annual #1 (2007)
# of pgs: 10
Writer: Rafael Nieves
Artist: Tony Akins & Ken Wolak
Original colorist: Val Staples
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 4" is a 2007 Moonstone Phantom story by Rafael Nieves, Tony Akins and Ken Wolak.

Plot summary

The story takes place in November, 1933 during the days of the 19th Phantom.

The monks of a Tibetan monastery see an airplane fly over them, burning and struggling to stay in the air. The Phantom is on board the plane after tracking members of the Singh Brotherhood to an airfield in Nepal and sneaking on board. After being discovered, a fight has damaged the plane and the Phantom is barely clinging on to the wings of the plane.

The Phantom and some of the Singh jump out of the plane and survive the crash. The Singh try to make the Lama of the monastery reveal where the piece of the Jade dragon (see "Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 1") is hidden, but he only reveals an old riddle. The Phantom enters, takes care of the Singh villain and solves the riddle to find the piece of the Jade dragon.

The story continues in "Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 5".


  • The piece of the Jade dragon is referred to as "the third piece", although it should be the fourth.

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