Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 2

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Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 2
Produced for: The Phantom Annual
#1 (2007)
# of pgs: 10
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Allan Goldman
Original colorist: Patrick Williams
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 2" is a 2007 Moonstone Phantom story by Tony Bedard and Allan Goldman.

Plot summary

The story takes place in May, 1782 during the days of the 11th Phantom.

During the American Revolutionary War, the British navy keeps prisoners on board the HMS Jersey. Arune Singh of the Singh Brotherhood is in alliance with the ship's Captain Corcoran, and discovers that one of the prisoners is a Chieftain from Bangalla in posession of a part of the Jade Dragon.

The 11th Phantom enters the ship, disguised as a British soldier. He rescues the imprisoned Bangalla Chieftain along with the rest of the prisoners, who fight the British soldiers for their freedom.

After swimming ashore, the Chieftain dies. He had been sent out by the 10th Phantom to search for pieces of the jade dragon, and when he was imprisoned he swallowed the fragment he found to keep it safe.

Behind the scenes

  • The story takes place in 1782, which according to other stories would make it in the days of the 12th Phantom.
  • References are made to a battle between the 11th Phantom and the Singh Brotherhood five years earlier, where the Singh invaded Mogadishu backed by Captain Corcoran.
  • According to this story, the 11th Phantom had lost his left eye, and his wife left him after the battle of Mogadishu when he had "grown more devoted to vengeance than [his] family".

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