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Fantoom was the title of the Estonian Phantom comic book that was published by ULF from 1993 to 1994.

The Swedish publisher Semic established several new publishing companies in various European countries in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in cooperation with local publishers. "The Phantom" was one of the comics that Semic introduced to new markets.

The Fantoom series was published in black/white. Covers were taken from the Swedish Fantomen comic book, and the contents were a mix of Team Fantomen stories and daily/Sunday stories by Lee Falk (in edited versions, as they had previously appeard in Fantomen). The first issue included the first part of "The Phantom Legends", a series of one-page retellings of important parts of the Phantom legend. This had also appeared in Fantomen previously.

Only three issues were published, but they are notable compared to the other Semic-influenced Phantom titles published in Eastern Europe at the time. This is because only the first issue used a cover and a story ("The Wharf Rats") that had been published in any of the other Eastern European Phantom series, while the other issues contained "The Mystery on Cape Cod" and "The Demon".

The numbering of this series is also somewhat complicated. The first issue was released in 1993 and has no numbering on the cover, and is usually known simply as Fantoom #1. The second issue was released in 1994 and was also unnumbered, however the third issue was numbered Fantoom 2/1994. This makes the second issue (retroactively) Fantoom 1/1994.

According to the next issue advertisement in issue 2/1994, Fantoom 3/1994 would have included the story "The Hunchback" by Michael Tierres and Jaime Vallvé, however this issue was apparently never published.

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