Fantomet Gullalderen 26

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Fantomet Gullalderen #26
(#26 since the start 2011)
Fantomet Gullalderen 201626.jpg
Cover artist: Boro & Volker Zibell
Fantomet Gullalderen 201626b.jpg
Back cover artist: Rolf Gohs (covers)
Country/language: Mini norway.gif Norway / Norwegian
Format: 17.8 × 26 cm
Pages: 136 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: November 21, 2016
Editor: Hege Høiby
Publishing company: Egmont Serieforlaget
Preceded by: Fantomet Gullalderen #25
Followed by: N/A

Fantomet Gullalderen #26 reprints Phantom stories from Fantomet 8/1984, 10/1984, 11/1984, and 12/1984.


Phantom stories


Due to a printing error, nothing was printed on the inside covers. The intended editorial pages were published on the Fantomet Facebook page on the same day the issue was released. The editorial pages reveal that this would be the final issue of Fantomet Gullalderen, which will be replaced by another reprint series, Fantomet Kronologisk.