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Fantomenklubben (The Phantom club) is a Swedish Phantom fan club that started in issue #3/1950 of Fantomen. The club has more than 365 000 members. Membership is lifelong, and it is possible to join the club several times, for example to receive the new membership package.



Another comic fan club called Buster Perks Deckarklubben (Buster Perk's Detective Club) was started in the comic book Buffalo Bill in 1953. "Buster Perk" was a Swedish comic, published as back-up in Buffalo Bill. As "Buster Perk" moved to various comic book titles, so did Deckarklubben (The Detective Club) as it was now called. It moved to Mysteriemagasinet, Stjärnmagasinet, and finally Fantomen in 1956. There, it existed side by side with Fantomenklubben until Fantomen 6/1960, when it was integrated into Fantomenklubben. This led to Fantomenklubben being renamed Fantomens deckarklubb (The Phantom's Detective Club) for much of the 1960's.

Ranking system

In 1989 a ranking system was introduced. Those who joined the club began with the rank of "Novis" ("Novice") and could advance to "Aspirant" ("Aspirant"), "Kandidat" ("Candidate"), "Riddare" ("Knight"), "Mästare" ("Master"), and finally "Stormästare" ("Grandmaster") by answering Phantom related questions, more difficult for each level. For each level, the member is awarded a sticker to put on the diploma to show their rank. The first Grandmasters was announced in 1991. As of the 2000's, grandmasters are also awarded a special diploma.


A new Phantom fan club, Djungelpatrullen, was introduced in the first issue of Den Vandrande Vålnaden in 1996. Since this title was cancelled the same year after only 9 issues, Djungelpatrullen was moved to Fantomen in 1997. The club's final appearance was in Fantomen 26/1999 before it was integrated into Fantomenklubben.

Membership packages

Membership diploma

Grandmaster diploma

Deck of cards


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