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In the year 2010, a total of 21 issues of Swedish comic book Fantomen were published.


Fantomen 60th anniversary symbol.

2010 was the year of Fantomen's 60th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, a 60th anniversary symbol was placed on each cover.

In total, 21 issues were published of which 15 were regular issues of 68 pages, one was an expanded issue of 100 pages and 5 were "double issues" of 132 pages. The double issues were on sale for four weeks, while the other issues were on sale for two weeks.

The first issue of 2010 was released on December 22, 2009. The corresponding issue of Fantomet was released on December 17, 2009, and was numbered as the last issue of 2009 instead. The corresponding Finnish issue was released, on December 23, 2009, and numbered as the first issue of 2010.

For the second time since the co-producing of Fantomen and Fantomet started, the issues somewhat deviated since Fantomet had an extra double issue. Fantomet 14-15 is represented by the Fantomen issues 15 and 16.


Several in-house ads were published in various comic magazines published by Egmont Kärnan.

An ad showing Fantomen as medicine "against tiredness and depression" was published in March, possibly inspired by a commercial where the painkiller Ipren was likened to the Phantom.

An in-house ad from 2009 was published several times in the magazine Agent X9, but this time in black and white,.

A third ad premiered at the end of the year, and referenced the 60th anniversary of Fantomen with a very favourable subscription offer.


The main cover artists was the team Sal Velluto & Eugenio Mattozzi (5 covers). Other contributors were Rolf Gohs (4 covers), Hans Lindahl (3 covers), Paul Ryan & Tom Smith (2 covers), Germano Ferri (2 covers), César Spadari (1 cover), Heiner Bade (1 cover), Joan Boix (1 cover), Alex Biffignandi (1 cover), and Biffignandi & Ferri (1 cover).

Cover gallery


Phantom stories

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Previously unpublished Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
3-4 "The Dragon Throne" Hansegård Bade
5 "Hotspot Barbados" Reimerthi Lindahl
6 "The Murder Victim" DePaul Spadari
7 "Johnny Hotwire – Outlaw Days" DePaul Velluto
8-9 "The Promise" DePaul Leppänen
10 "The Invasion of Baronkhan" Reimerthi Felmang
11 "Cloak of Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
12-13 "The Wolfman's Treasure" DePaul Spadari
14 "Patrolman Aurora" Reimerthi Velluto
15 "The Plutonium Wreck" DePaul Boix
18-19 "The Governor and Scarface" Reimerthi Leppänen
21 "Sala and the President" DePaul Roymann
22 "The Cabin Boy and the Princess" Lundström Lindahl
23 "The Great Race" DePaul Spadari

Previously unpublished newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1 "The Patrolwomen" DePaul Ryan
2 "The Hunt for the Unknown Commander" DePaul Ryan
15, 16 "Kit and the Little People" Falk Barry
16 "The Return of Chatu" DePaul Ryan
17 "Justice for the Python" DePaul Ryan
20 "Graffiti Phantom" DePaul Ryan
22 "The Prisoner of the Himalayas" Falk Moore
24, 25-26, (1) "The Missing Link Family" Falk Barry

Previously published Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
24 "Jungle Adventures: Devil in New York" Årnes Spadari
24 "Jungle Adventures: Secret of the Gold Container" Årnes Spadari
25-26 "Jungle Adventures: The Savannah Giants" Worker Spadari

Previously published newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
(24, 25-26), 1 "Crook's Haven" Falk Barry
3-4, 5, 6 "Crazy Louie's Story" Falk Barry
20, 21 "The Terrorists" Falk Barry
22 "The Limper" Falk McCoy, Infantino, Lignante
25-26 "The Return of the Sky Band" Falk Moore

Other comics

Many (*) appeared only in one issue as part of the 60th anniversary of the magazine.

  • "Achilles Wiggen" by Kari Leppänen (issue 18-19) *
  • "Bacon & Ägg" by Ulf Granberg and Patrik Norrman (issue 16) *
  • "Bad Bob" by Stan Lynde (issue 25-26)
  • "Bernard Prince" by Greg and Hermann (issues 6, 7, 10 and 11)
  • "Curly Kayoe" by Sam Leff (issue 2) *
  • "Dan Dare" by Frank Hampson (issue 8-9) *
  • "Delta 99" by Jesús Flores, Thies, and Carlos Giménez (issue 12-13) *
  • "Det Okända" by ? (issue 8-9) *
  • "Flash Gordon" by Harvey Kurtzman and Dan Barry (issues 3-4 and 8-9) and
    by Dan Barry (issues 20 and 21)
  • "Herman Hedning" by Jonas Darnell (issues 2, 6, 7, 8-9, 10, 12-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18-19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25-26)
  • "Jerome K. Jerome Bloche" by Alan Dodier (issues 14 and 15)
  • "Johnny Hazard" by Frank Robbins (issues 5 and 17)
  • "Kid Montana" by Rocco Mastroserio (issue 7) *
  • "King of the Royal Mounted" by Zane Grey and Jim Gary (issue 3-4) *
  • "Latigo" by Stan Lynde (issues 2, 3-4, 5, 11, 14, and 17)
  • "Long John Silver" by Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffray (issues 1, 2, 23, and 24)
  • "Rick O’Shay" by Stan Lynde (issue 12-13) *
  • "Robin Hood" by Russ Heath (issue 16) *
  • "Silent Knight" by Irv Novick (?) (issue 16) *
  • "Stig & Grieg" by Alf Woxnerud (issue 25-26) *
  • "Texas Jim" by Göte Göransson (issue 3-4) *
  • "The Gauntlet of Fate" by Félix Carrión (?) (issue 11) *
  • "Thorgal" by Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosiński (issues 3-4, 8-9, 12-13, 18-19, and 25-26)
  • "Tybalt" by Norman Worker and Ian Kennedy (issue 18-19) *
  • "Vi å pappa" by Krister Pettersson (issue 18-19) *


Fantomen 1 included a publishing schedule poster, and Fantomen 15 included a poster of Best Fantomen cover 2009.

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