Fantomen - Den inbundna årgången 1958, Del 3

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Den inbundna årgången 1958, Del 3
(#25 since the start 2002)

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Cover artist: Rolf Gohs
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Format: 17 × 26 cm, hardcover
Pages: 372 pgs, color and b/w
Publishing date: 2009
Editor: Ulf Granberg
Publishing company: Egmont Kärnan
Preceded by: Fantomen - Den inbundna årgången 1958, Del 2
Followed by: Fantomen - Den inbundna årgången 1958, Del 4
ISBN 978-91-7269-978-6

Fantomen - Den inbundna årgången 1958, Del 3 is the twenty-fifth book in the hardcover series collection reprints of the earliest issues of the Swedish Fantomen magazine. It covers the issues twenty to twenty-nine of 1958, the magazine's ninth year.


Phantom stories

Other comics

  • "Johnny Hazard" by Frank Robbins
  • "King of the Royal Mounted" by Zane Grey and Jim Gary
  • "Jet Scott" by Sheldon Stark and Jerry Robinson
  • "Kid Montana" by ?
  • "Vägens marodörer" by ?
  • "Cheyenne Kid" by ?
  • "Segraren" by ?
  • "Laganda" by ?
  • "Sultan II tar hem priset" by ?
  • "Svindlande rymder" by ?
  • "Tom Mix" by ?


  • "Oväntad hjälp: Födelsedagspresenten" by Denis G. Langen
  • "Rymdskeppet"
  • "Sista chansen" by Sven Holmberg
  • "Den kinesiska gudabilden" by Denis G. Langen
  • "Ingenting kan hejda döden" by Denis G. Langen
  • "Hästgetaren" by Gunnar Nordström


  • "Bilsamlarserien, del 2", a collector series of automobile cards were reprinted in this volym, continued from the previous volym. Originally, the cards had been glued at the inside of the issue, but a scanning technique had made it possible to reprint them with their backsides at the beginning of the volym.


  • "Centerförlaget anno '58" by Olle Dahllöf
  • "Robin Hood -- evigt grön" by Olle Dahllöf
  • "Fantomen i fortsatt förändring" by Olle Dahllöf