Family Honor

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Family Honor
Family Honor.jpg
Produced for: Defenders of the Earth
#3 (1987)
# of pgs: 23
Writer: Michael Higgins
Artist: Alex Saviuk & Fred Fredericks
Original colorist: Nelson Yomtov
Producer: Marvel Comics

"Family Honor" is a 1987 Marvel story based on the Defenders of the Earth TV series starring The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Flash Gordon.

Plot summary

The Phantom, his daughter Jedda and her panther Kisa have made a new home for themselves in the Defenders of the Earth headquarters, complete with jungle and a replica of the Skull Cave. Meanwhile in Bangalla, the Phantom's elder brother Kurt Walker is threatening the Bandar chief Guran to let him take his brother's place. Guran is not impressed and sends Kurt and his accomplices away.

On their way from the Bandar village, Kurt is knocked down into a river and left for dead by his accomplices who only wanted to know the location of the Bandar village and the tribe's treasures. Kurt survives the fall, and is washed ashore next to a cave where he finds a strange throne with a dead body. Strange forces draw Kurt towards the body, and when he takes the skull-shaped mask from the body and puts on his own head he transforms into the evil and powerful N'Dama.

As Kurt's former allies try to steal from the Bandars, N'Dama appears and uses his powers to defeat them. He then offers to stay and protect the Bandar village if they accept him as their lord, but when Guran refuses, N'Dama makes the temperature drop and snow falls on the Bandar village.

The Defenders' pick up on the unusual weather in Africa, and the Phantom and Jedda take the Skull Copter to the Bandar village. After a crash landing they meet Guran who explains the situation. The Phantom goes to the Skull Cave where he encounters N'Dama on the Skull Throne. After a hard fight where both the Phantom and N'Dama use supernatural powers, N'Dama sees his own reflection and realises that he now looks like a monster. Ashamed of what his evil actions have turned him into, he uses his own powers to destroy himself.

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