Election in Bengali, Part 2: The Loser

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Election in Bengali, Part 2
The Loser
Produced for: Fantomen 5/1994
# of pgs: 27
Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Hans Lindahl
Original colorist: Times Graphics Singapore
Producer: Semic Press

"Election in Bengali, Part 2: The Loser" is a 1994 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Hans Lindahl.

Plot summary

In the Bengali presidential election of 1994, the incumbent president Luaga is fighting for his political life against the businessman Lubanga. Lubanga stages an attempt on his life during a political rally, then blames the president for it. Luaga decides to fight dirty. The Phantom is investigating if Lubanga Electronics is responsible for smuggling computers to Rhodia and one lead is the small-time gangster Eddie Honda.


Recurring characters

One-time Characters

  • L'lola
  • Lontole




  • Bengali National Security Force
  • Lubanga Electronics
  • Bengali National Broadcasting Corporation
  • Bengali Times


Behind the Scenes

  • In the English translation by Frew, Lubanga claims to have used durru mushrooms on a man in Morristown, but that event actually took place in Bengalitown.

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