Don Sherwood

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Don Sherwood
Biographical information
Born: September 12, 1930
Died: March 6, 2010
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist
Website: N/A
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Don Sherwood was an American comics artist.


Don Sherwood was born in Oneonta, New York, on September 12, 1930.

After having been an U.S. Marine in the armed forces, Don Sherwood began as a drawner at the "Chicago Tribune" and assited George Wunder on "Terry and the Pirates", creation work on the comics being helped by his years past in the army. By himself, he created "Will Chance" (1958-1962), and then "Dan Flagg" in 1963.

From 1967, he worked for Charlton Comics ("The Partridge Family", two Phantom stories in 1975, "Jungle Jim").

He also worked for the Hanna-Barbera Animation Studios.

In 1975, he came back to the newspaper strips with "Return with us to..." and in 1982-1983, also drew the "Flinstones" strip and relaunch "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon"; He drew "Katy Keene" for Archie Comics as well as the daily strip "I love a Mystery" and the sunday pages of "'Dick Clark's Rock Roll and Remember" from 1990 to 1995.

Don Sherwood died March 6, 2010 at a hospice in Huntersville, N.C.

Phantom work by Don Sherwood


Charlton stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Goldbeard the Pirate" Gill Sherwood
2 "Man in the Shadows" Gill Sherwood