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"El Diablo" / "Diavolo" was the main character in a redrawn Phantom story by Felmang.


Felmang wrote and drew the story "Kaniska" in 1966 as his first Phantom story and submitted it to Fratelli Spada. However, the story was not accepted. Felmang later redrew the pages, turning the Phantom into the character El Diablo, Diana became Luana and the Llongo tribe became the Loanga.

The story was printed in English by Frew in 2017, now calling the main character Diavolo to avoid confusion with the DC Comics character El Diablo. He even appeared on the cover, drawn by Glenn Lumsden.


Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini italy.gif Italy

  • "Il Giustiziere della Jungla", Sylvie #1 (1971)
  • Svint Comics

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