Dennis Janke

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Dennis Janke
Biographical information
Born: April 13, 1950
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A

Dennis Janke is an American comics penciller and inker .

A great part of his works was done for Marvel Comics. In 1988, he inked the Phantom mini-series published by DC Comics.


Dennis Janke was born on April 13, 1950. His first published drawning was released in 1974 in the comics magazine "House of Mystery" and his career was launched in 1984 by Marvel Company with “Captain America”.

For DC Comics, he inked the 1988 mini-series “The Phantom” in four issues pencilled by Joe Orlando and written by Peter David, before working for 10 years on “Superman” in comics-books such as “Action Comics”, “Adventures of Superman” and so on... He came back to Marvel in 1999, inking “The Avengers”, as well as to DC in the series of “Batman : The Doom that came to Gotham”, published in 2000, before becoming the inker artist of “The Spectre” in 2001 and of “Acquaman” in 2003. Since then, his activities in comics seems to become rarer.

Phantom work by Dennis Janke


DC stories

# Title Writer Artist Inker
1 "The Ghost Who Walks" Peter David Joe Orlando Dennis Janke
2 "Across the Great Divide" Peter David Joe Orlando Dennis Janke
3 "In Over Their Heads" Peter David Joe Orlando Dennis Janke
4 "The Phantom Strikes Back" Peter David Joe Orlando Dennis Janke