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David "Dave" Palmer
First appearance: "The Seahorse"
Created by: Lee Falk and Ray Moore

David "Dave" Palmer is the brother of Lily Palmer and thereby the uncle of Diana Palmer-Walker. The Seahorse

Dave is a warhero, while in the military, he reached the rank of colonel Mr Big or major general. Terror at the Opera

Dave has a long experience within law enforcement and was Police Commissioner when he retired. He did not stay retired for long though, and later returned as Police Commissioner of New York The Death Threat before moving on to politics and becoming Mayor. Mr Big He currently holds a position in the US government's anti-terrorism department. Terror at the Opera

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Notable appearances

Lee Falk stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Seahorse" Falk Moore first appearance
"The Phantom's Engagement" Falk McCoy
"Romance" Falk McCoy
"The Gray Gang" Falk McCoy
"Whirlpool Channel" Falk McCoy
"The Mob" Falk McCoy
"The Shoplifters" Falk McCoy
"The Underwater Diamond Thieves" Falk McCoy
"The Satchel" Falk Barry
"The Crime School" Falk Barry
"Jungle City" Falk Barry
"Mr Big" Falk Olesen, Williams
"The Death Threat" Falk Barry
"Terror at the Opera" Falk,Elizabeth Falk Olesen, Williams

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Seconds from Death" Reimerthi Lindahl