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First appearance: "Son of the Pirate Queen"
Created by: David Bishop &
César Spadari

For the story of the same name about Thomas "Cyclops" Hardy, see "Cyclops".

Cyclops was captain of a Singh Brotherhood ship. He was known as Shahir, but in battle with the 17th Phantom he lost an eye and was after that known as Cyclops. He became known as the most ruthless Singh pirate, and captained a ship which carried a mark showing a silhouette of a hand with an eye in its palm. Chris Sommerset joined Cyclops' crew, without revealing that he was the son of Kate Sommerset, an enemy of the Singh Brotherhood. When Kate and the 17th Phantom entered Cyclops' ship to get Chris away from there, they were discovered by Cyclops. When Cyclops learned that Chris was the son of Kate, he swore that he would kill Chris aswell as Kate and the Phantom. Cyclops was however unaware that the 17th Phantom was Chris' father. Cyclops killed the 17th Phantom who took a bullet that was meant for Kate or Chris. Death of a Phantom

The Singh pirates developed a new warship; The Dreadnought, which would dominate the waters around Bengali when it was finished. Cyclops was designated captain of this ship, with Blackheart as his first mate. To get revenge for the death of the 17th Phantom, Chris changed his appearance and took service as a Singh pirate again, while Kate offered herself to Cyclops and explained that the Phantom was still alive, but that he had betrayed her and they were no longer partners. Chris was however discovered, and whipped so badly he lost the use of his legs. Then, the 18th Phantom attacked the ship and in the chaos, Kate killed Cyclops. Of the Same Blood


Team Fantomen stories

This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Son of the Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari 1889 mentioned only
"Death of a Phantom" Bishop Spadari 1889
"Of the Same Blood" Bishop Spadari 1889
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 1: The Skull Necklace" Bishop Spadari 1889 mentioned only