Crystal Skull

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Crystal Skull
Crystal Skull.jpg
First appearance: "The Crystal Skull"
Created by: Scott Goodall & José Casanovas

A Crystal Skull is a quartz crystal carved in the shape of a human skull. One such skull has been kept in the Major Treasure Room.

Fictional History

According to the legend told to the 21st Phantom by Lama That-Sen, three crystal skulls were made by Solomon in order to increase his lifespan by releasing the demon Belzebub, who had been trapped in a mirrored stone by the wizard of Emir of Kah and entombed in a wall sealed up by magic. Solomon, however, died before he could use them but before dying he hid the skulls under the temple in Jerusalem. Secret of the Skulls Pt 3 The skulls were later scattered all over the globe.

The 16th Phantom found one skull in an Aztec temple in Mexico. It was brought to the Skull Cave by the 21st Phantom and kept in the Major Treasure room. The Crystal Skull

Another skull was found during an excavation in 1893, led by Sir Archibald Merrivale, head of the ethnographical museum in Morristown. It was lost in the museum's basement storage until Minerva Brooks found it at the request of Kamil Gizmet, a Singh Pirate who claimed to come from the University of Cairo. Secret of the Skulls Pt 1

Dogai Singh extorted The Phantom to retreive the third skull that was kept by drug manufacturers in Laos. Secret of the Skulls Pt 2

Dogai Singh then tried to raise the demon Belzebub with the help of the three mystical crystal skulls but was thwarted in his attempt when the Phantom stopped the process by throwing one Crystal Skull onto the mirrored stone. Secret of the Skulls Pt 3

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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Crystal Skull" Goodall Casanovas
"Secret of the Skulls, Part 1" Reimerthi Lindahl
"Secret of the Skulls, Part 2" Reimerthi McLeod
"Secret of the Skulls, Part 3" Reimerthi Ryan