Comics Revue 55

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Comics Revue #55
Cover artist: unknown and Julia Mather (colors)
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Format: 21 × 27.5 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: 1990
Editor: Rick Norwood
Publishing company: Fictioneer Books/
Manuscript Press
Preceded by: Comics Revue #54
Followed by: Comics Revue #56

Comics Revue #55


Phantom stories

Other comics

  • "The Amazing Spider-Man" by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber
  • "Bloom County" by Berke Breathed
  • "Flash Gordon" by Dan Barry
  • "Latigo" by Stan Lynde
  • "Modesty Blaise" by Peter O'Donnell and Neville Colvin
  • "Batman" by William Messner-Loebs, Carmine Infantino and John Nyberg