Comics Revue 27

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Comics Revue #27
Cover artist: Sy Barry (from story art) and collage
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Format: 21 × 27.5 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: May 1988
Editor: Anthony Tollin
Publishing company: Fictioneer Books/
Manuscript Press
Preceded by: Comics Revue #26 (not featuring The Phantom)
Followed by: Comics Revue #28

Comics Revue #27 is the first issue of Comics Revue to include "The Phantom". To mark the occasion, this issue also included the article "A Visit with Lee Falk" where Anthony Tollin interviews Lee Falk.


Phantom stories

Other comics

  • "Bloom County" by Berke Breathed
  • "Modesty Blaise" by Peter O'Donnell and Enrique Romero
  • "Hägar the Horrible" by Dik Browne
  • "Steve Canyon" by Milton Caniff
  • "Popeye" by Bobby London
  • "Flash Gordon" by Dan Barry
  • "Gasoline Alley" by Dick Moores