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The Comics Curmudgeon Jungle Patrol merchandise was released by the website Comics Curmudgeon, inspired by the Phantom daily story "The Patrolwomen".


Panel from "The Patrolwomen".
"I Quit" Baseball Jersey.

The Comics Curmudgeon is a blog dedicated to poking fun at newspaper comic strips. Over the years, "The Phantom" has been the subject of a fair share of jokes, but the 2008 daily "The Patrolwomen" was given a little extra attention. A couple of lines from the story - specifically "Who's tougher than lady cops and waitresses? Not pirates!" and "I quit! We're joining the Jungle Patrol!" - took on a life of their own as popular catch phrases among the many visitors of the blog.

Eventually, the Comics Curmudgeon even started a web shop where various clothing items and other apparel were sold with these phrases printed on them.

These items do not show any artwork from the strip and were not licensed from King Features Syndicate. They are therefore to be considered unofficial Phantom memorabilia.