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Christopher Sequeira
Biographical information
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini australia.gif Australian
Occupation: Writer
Website: N/A

Christopher Sequeira is an Australian writer.


Christopher Sequeira is a Sydney-based Australian editor, writer (and occasional artist) who works predominantly in the speculative fiction (horror, fantasy, science fiction, super-hero) and mystery realms. His published work includes song lyrics, poetry, prose (especially short fiction), and comic-book scripts, and in the editing space he has especial experience on anthologies of fiction and comic-books. He works on original material / concepts / characters, as well as on public domain or licensed franchise concepts.

He is particularly regarded as a subject matter expert on all things involving Sherlock Holmes and Victoriana, having scribed many articles and fictional pieces around this area of interest over the years. His paper on Holmes and Jack the Ripper garnered the praise of Leslie S. Klinger, one of the world's foremost Sherlockians, who cited it as 'brilliant' in his Sherlock Holmes Reference Library series.

Sequeira's creator-owned work includes "Sherlock Holmes: Dark Detective" (with co-creators Dave Elsey and Philip Cornell), "Pulse of Darkness", "Rattlebone: The Pulp-Faced Detective" and "The Borderlander".

He has written comic-book scripts for many publishers, including Black House, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Boom! Studios, and Dynamite Entertainment.

For Frew Publications he has leveraged his detailed knowledge of the late 1800's as he has written the on-going serial "Phantom By Gaslight" featuring a host of literary and historical figures and geographical landmarks.

He completely re-thought the core concepts and also came up with some artistic design notes for a revival of Frew's 1950's space-hero "Planetman", and the first adventure of the revival of that series has been released in issue #5 of "Giantsize Phantom" in May 2018. Massimo Gamberi is Sequeira's collaborator on this piece.

Phantom work by Christopher Sequeira

Frew stories

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Legacy of the Reef" Sequeira Gamberi, Giorgi

Phantom by Gaslight

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Chapter 0: Sense and Invincibility" Sequeira Paulos
2 "Chapter 1: A Study in Violet" Sequeira Paulos
3 "Chapter 2: Test of the Urban Villain" Sequeira Paulos
4 "Chapter 3: The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Walker" Sequeira Paulos
5 "Chapter 4: Weathering Hate" Sequeira Paulos
6 "Chapter 5: A Tale of Three Continents" Sequeira Paulos
7 "Chapter 6: Bleak Hours" Sequeira Paulos