Carolin Benson

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Carolin Benson
Carolin Benson.jpg
First appearance: "Hijackers on Board"
Created by: Tony DePaul &
César Spadari

Carolin Benson is a millionaire heiress from the United States.

From her deceased father she inherited a business empire worth billions of dollars, including casinos, hotels and restaurants. Hijackers on Board She lives in a luxury suite at Temple River Hotel in Las Vegas. She also owns a large house outside Morristown. The Murder Victim

In her first meeting with the Phantom he helped her against Chicago gangsters and invited her to seek him out in the Bengali jungle if she needed any help. Hijackers on Board They met again in Las Vegas when The Phantom travelled to the US to help her against the gangsters again. Viva Las Vegas. After a failed attempt on her life she travels to Bengali for his help. She has fallen in love with The Phantom and has kissed him on at least two occasions. The Murder Victim.

Together with The Phantom she has opened an orphanage to honor a friend of his. The Promise

Behind the Scenes

In her first appearance she was colored as having reddish brown hair, but in "The Murder Victim" she was colored as blond.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Hijackers on Board" DePaul Spadari
"Viva Las Vegas" DePaul Spadari
"The Murder Victim" DePaul Spadari
"Johnny Hotwire – Outlaw Days" DePaul Velluto
"The Promise" DePaul Leppänen