Bob McLeod

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Bob McLeod
Biographical information
Born: August 9, 1951
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist
Website: N/A

Robert T. "Bob" McLeod (born August 9, 1951 in Tampa, Florida) is an American comic book artist best known for co-creating the New Mutants with writer Chris Claremont.


McLeod was educated at Auburn University and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He penciled the first three issues of New Mutants and inked a number of subsequent issues. McLeod also inked Mike Zeck's pencils on the famed Kraven's Last Hunt storyline across the three monthly Spider-Man comics published at the time. He was also the artist on the Superman title Action Comics in the early 1990s. McLeod began his career working in the production department of Marvel Comics, but soon began penciling and inking for Marvel's Crazy magazine, doing several movie satires and the Teen Hulk strip. He then went on to become a top inker at Marvel and DC, as well as penciling Star Wars and several Spider-Man fill-ins.

In recent years he illustrated several issues of Fantomen comic book for the Swedish publisher Egmont. He has also written and illustrated a children's book, Superhero ABC.

Phantom work by Bob McLeod


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 2" Reimerthi McLeod
2 "The Mysterious Commander" Moberg McLeod
3 "The Doomsday Ship" Bishop, Lindahl McLeod
4 "Diana's Crisis, Part 2: Diana Disappears" Reimerthi Ryan, McLeod
5 "The Redeemer, Part 3: The Army" Reimerthi McLeod
6 "The Plunderers of Kinloch Island" Reimerthi McLeod, Whigham


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