Ashar Singh

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Ashar Singh
First appearance: "The Ghost Who Died Twice"
Created by: Norman Worker & Hans Lindahl

Ashar Singh is a historical leader of the Singh Brotherhood or a cell of the Singh Brotherhood in Team Fantomen's stories.

Fictional character biography

Ashar Singh was a leader of the Singh Brotherhood, or a cell of the Singh Brotherhood in the days of the 10th Phantom, meeting him several times. Finally, Ashar challenged the 10th Phantom to a duel and managed to inflict severe injuries with a gun to the 10th Phantom, but while retreating, loosing his son, Aly, who fell into sharkfilled water. Angered, he swore that he woud avenge his son.

The 10th Phantom lost his arm and was severely scarred in his face by Ashar's bullets. The physical injuries healed by time, but the 10th Phantom had to pass over the the Phantom legacy to his son. Seeking inner peace, the 10th Phantom recovered all his previous strength and challenged Ashar to continue their duel. The 10th Phantom did not use his Phantom suit then, as he considered himsef to no more be the Phantom, but instead used clothes appropriate to the day. In that duel, Ashar was taken by a giant octopus but managed to shoot the 10th Phantom in his heart, mortally wounding him.

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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Ghost Who Died Twice" Worker Lindahl 1757-58