Anna Sommerset

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Anna Sommerset
First appearance: "Son of the Pirate Queen"
Created by: David Bishop &
César Spadari

Anna Sommerset was the former first mate of Lady Kate Sommerset (when she was known as The Pirate Queen).

Anna later married Kate's son Chris and moved to London. In 1891 they had a son, Kit Sommerset.

In 1894, Anna was pregnant again, possibly with twins. The New Abbess

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Team Fantomen stories

This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Son of the Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari 1889
"Death of a Phantom" Bishop Spadari 1889
"Of the Same Blood" Bishop Spadari 1889
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 1: The Skull Necklace" Bishop Spadari 1889
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 2: The Royal Target" Bishop Boix 1889
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 3: The Goddess of Death" Bishop Spadari 1889
"The London Underground Murders, Part 1: Cutbush" Bishop Spadari 1891
"The London Underground Murders, Part 2: Maniac at Large" Bishop Spadari 1891
"The Moriarty Experiment" Bishop Spadari 18??
"Cloak of Darkness" Reimerthi Bade 18??
"The New Abbess" Bishop Spadari 1894
"Death of a Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari 1907